The Story That Started A Movement

In February, 2020, before COVID-

19 pointed out all of our country’s

fragilities, Amy Jo testified to

members of the United States

Congress in the House Committee

of Oversight and Reform about the

struggles of the working poor in

America. Within hours, hundreds

of people had reached out to her

from across the U.S. to share their

stories of struggle and resilience.

#RattleTheWindows, a line from

her speech, became a battle cry

across social media. 

And a movement was born. 






Amy Jo Hutchison is a lifelong resident of West Virginia. Her lived experience is centered around poverty and raising her children alone. 

She has been working as a community organizer since 2017, but, as she says, organizing isn’t her job, it’s her life. “I was organizing long before I knew it had a name and people did it for a living.  I was just a mom who wanted better for my kids and the kids in my community and fought like hell to get it.” 










Amy Jo’s testimony